Instructor Trainings

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Schwinn Cycle Instructor



Workshops here

Indo-Row Trainings

ShockWave Trainings

BOSU Instructor Trainings
(contact Doris@TeamThews for more info)


February 19th-21st: SCW Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

March 4th-6th: EMPOWER! Fusion, Chicago, IL

March 18th-20th: SCW
Orange County, CA

March 21st-24th IHRSA Orlando Florida

April 29th- May 1st: FILEX Australian Fitness Network, Melbourne Australia

May 19th-21st: SCW Florida, Orlando, FLDSC_1317

July 15th-17th: IDEA World, Los Angeles, CA

July 29th-31st: SCW Atlanta, GA

August 5th-7th: DCAC, Reston, VA

August 12th-14th: CanFitPro Toronto, Toronto, ON

August 26th-28th: SCW
Dallas, TX

September 25th: Berlin Marathon

September 29th-2nd: SCW Midwest, Rosemont, IL

December 1st-4th CanFitPro Vancouver

For Motivational Lectures & Consulting, contact:

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